Of the three cardinal principles our fraternity was founded on, the principle of friendship manifests itself through our chapter’s social activities. Walking through libraries and dining halls, you can often find brothers studying and eating together. Brothers live together, travel together, and sustain lifelong friendships through the fraternity. Furthermore, every Spring Alpha Phi Omega attends the UVa traditions of the Foxfield Races and beach week in Myrtle Beach. Not only this but APO brothers are also placed in different families each semester, where a group of 2-3 brothers serve as “Bigs” to help guide their little (a pledge) through their pledge semester. Families see each other often to do things like grab dinner on the corner, watch a movie, go hiking, explore Charlottesville, or even to study together. While families change every semester, Bigs and Littles often become and stay close friends for the rest of their time in APO and beyond.


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