While pledging APO is both a significant commitment of time and energy, it is also an incredibly rewarding experience! Aside from fulfilling weekly Midweek, Saturday Project, and meeting requirements, the pledge class is also expected to organize, develop, fundraise for, and lead an all-day service project involving the whole brotherhood (up to a hundred people).

Recent pledge projects have significantly improved the facilities of Jackson Via Elementary School, the Boys and Girls Club, Camp Holiday Trails,and IRC New Roots through activities such as building benches, picnic tables, or trails; painting rooms and signs; and creating garden areas. While pledge project is the most demanding and time-consuming part of the semester, it is also the most rewarding part. To see the efforts of two months of work come to fruition on a single Saturday morning is incredible!

The pledge semester is an incredibly fun time. Pledges are put into families with Big Brothers, who serve as guides and familiar faces. Families make plans and hang out throughout the pledge semester and beyond; plans can range anywhere from a standard dinner and a movie night to events a little more thrilling, like skydiving!

In addition to fams, pledges also form strong bonds with each other. Each pledge class develops into a close unit, not only through experiences shared during fundraising and planning for the pledge project, but also through experiences that spill over into the social realm (such as slumber parties, dinners, game nights, and road trips). These bonds often last well after the pledge semester ends, too. Overall, pledging serves to introduce new members to Theta’s three cardinal principles-- leadership through planning and implementing pledge project, service through pledge project but also through weekly Saturday projects and Midweeks, as well as friendship through fellowships, fams, hangouts, and more.


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